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I wish this communication wasn't true. But it is 100% accurate. See the attached lesson to avoid falling victim.

First you have to understand, I was preparing to send an educatonial message today on Wire Fraud. And then this happened literally 5 minutes into the endeavor.

I received this email. Now please pay attention as I'm going to walk you step-by-step how to sniff this stuff out.

And as a business owner of True Blue Title, I am a partner in a Cyber Security company that protects small businesses. Do not hesitate to contact me on avoiding these issues.

The worst part of these hacks is that you may not be impacted for months or years after the event.


  1. This "SPAM" hi-jacked a large, national lender, Caliber Home Loans. That is unfortunate and there is no cyber security defense can claim 100% protection. Neither I nor True Blue believe Caliber Home was at fault. These events attack everyone and anyone dealing with wires, etc. The takeaway is if it can happen to them - it can happen to you. BE ALERT!

  2. Do not rush into responding to emails. Take your time to review as emails are the main entry point for malware. We are all so busy we rush through things. I personally almost got ransacked by a pretty professional organization until I figured out it was a scam. Typically looking at the Sender's email and the "TO:" box will indicate legitamacy.

  3. Never Click a link unless you know the email sender is confirmed. You confirm with a "Reply" email asking an obtuse question, like - "How do I know you again?" That will typically end the attempt.

  4. Keep the conversation going with employees I'll send another educational email next week that will show the statistics. Company employees responding to or interacting with email malware is a most common type of breach.

If you would like a more detailed educational seminar on protecting your data and ensuring your customers and business avoid a major, financial blow, let me know. I'm very passionate about this topic.

George Klimis,, 727-243-1724

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